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Barefoot Beach Camps is the specialist in beach volleyball trips from the Netherlands and Belgium. We organize beach volleyball vacations to different countries in Europe.
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Get ready for the summer!
Beach Prep by Barefoot Beach Camps and The Beach Volleyball School
February 17 - April 21, 2021


Lockdown. Curfew. Gym closed. Home schooling.


All good reasons not to exercise. But not anymore!


Barefoot Beach Camps and The Beach Volleyball School are joining forces and hosting the Beach Prep.


Worried about your fitness when you hit the sand again soon? Don't be! With our workouts, you'll be hard at work twice a week to get back in good shape when beach season starts.

In doing so, you reduce your risk of injury, increase your fitness, strength and explosiveness, and perhaps more importantly. At least once a week you train together with other beachers in the same boat. We are each other's stick behind the door or kick in the butt... And also each other's compliment of course!

What are we going to do?

When you sign up for Beach Prep, we'll also add you to our Beach Prep App. This is your stick, because it includes all the coaches and participants. In it we post our workouts and progression. And photos/movies of how things are going. Did you work out in the sand? Motivate others to do it too! New exercise? One of the coaches will post a sample video so you can perform it perfectly.


Beach Prep is twice a week. 1 time is communal and inside via Zoom. The second time is outside, preferably in the sand, and will be sent to you in a PDF with sample videos. You may do that workout in pairs or alone. Both is possible. Each workout focuses on injury prevention, coordination, strength, speed and explosiveness. You determine the level and intensity.



Online workout via Zoom: Starting 17-2, every Wednesday from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


Outdoor workout: Preferably on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. You will receive this workout on Thursday via the Beach Prep App.

Celebrate. The. Beachlife.

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Do you have any other questions or requests? You can always call or email us.

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