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Meet Mila and Tijmen, founders of Barefoot Beach Camps, lovers of beach volleyball, travel and enjoyment. Join them on a beach volleyball vacation!
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Who are we?

We are Mila, Tijmen and Shaun. Together we have been organizing trips from Barefoot Beach Camps for a very long time.

All three of us are crazy about beach volleyball, traveling and enjoying ourselves and we prefer to do that on the most beautiful beaches in the world. In Portugal, Cran Canaria, Norway or the Netherlands, it doesn't matter.


We like nothing better than being able to convey our love of the sport and the beach to others. Besides organizing our trips, all three of us also work in beach volleyball in our own city. For many years we have organized special beach volleyball vacations for our beach volleyball players. We are super happy to now join forces with Barefoot Beach Camps and organize beach volleyball trips for everyone who loves the sport and/or the beach!


Our love of beach volleyball has already brought us to a lot of beautiful beaches, and with Barefoot Beach Camps we want to bring those great places closer to you too!


For us, Barefoot stands for a lifestyle. Live the beach life! Celebrate your freedom, your passion for sports and enjoy the sun. This is how we prefer to live our lives. With bare feet in the sand.

Mila, Tijmen and Shaun

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