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Barefoot Beach Camps is the specialist in beach volleyball trips from the Netherlands and Belgium. We organize beach volleyball vacations to different countries in Europe.
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Our beach camp on the Scheveningen beach

August 14 to 18

A week full of beach volleyball, close to home! On the Scheveningen beach we fill a week with beach volleyball and beach life as it is meant to be. You will train every day with a small group led by one of our top trainers. There are also tournaments and other fun activities to enjoy your week at the beach in the Netherlands.


From Monday to Friday we train for 2 hours every morning. You train in a group of about 6 people, so there is plenty of room for feedback from the trainers. After the week you will have gained a lot of tips and tricks! In the afternoon we organize tournaments and other activities.


We understand that energy also needs to be replenished between sessions. We provide a nice lunch so you can relax and recharge for the tournament or other activity in the afternoon.

Eat. Sleep. Beach. Repeat.


Celebrate. The. Beachlife.

In addition to beach volleyball

Beach life doesn't just involve beach volleyball, of course. At The Beach Volleyball School location, there are also nice beach chairs around the center court to chill out in between. There is spikeball, cornhole and beachtennis for when you have some energy left. And, of course, a dip in the sea is easy. On Scheveningen beach, you really feel like you're completely away!

We will have lunch with everyone who books lunch at Aloha. Lunch consists of three different mini ciabattas, a piece of fruit and a coffee/tea or soda.


Your beach volleyball week at Scheveningen is simple to put together. Through our booking form you sign up for your preferred package.

  • Full Package

    5 morning training sessions + all tournaments + lunch included

  • Morning program

    5 training sessions x 2 hours

  • Lunch all week

    5 x lunch

  • Loose training

    per training

  • Loose tournament

    per capita

  • Lunch 1x


Make it a complete vacation with our accommodation tips!

Would you like to make it a full beach volleyball vacation and also book accommodation nearby? That is of course possible. Below we have collected some cool places to stay if you would like to spend the night in Scheveningen or The Hague.

Jorplace Beach Hostel is perfect if you are looking for a nice place to stay during your training week, it is located in the nicest street of Scheveningen: the Keizerstraat. It is a fifteen minute walk from Jorplace to the beach fields so that is also ideal.
Are you planning long days at the beach and looking for a simple but good accommodation nearby? Then book a room/bed at the Golden Stork. The Golden Stork is a nice and good hostel and nice base towards the beach (20 minutes by bike). In addition, it is the ideal base if you also want to visit the center of The Hague.
Want the best deal? Then ask us by email for the special discount code!

Do you have any other questions or requests? You can always call or email us.

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