Oct. 6 to 13 - Beach Camp Lagos, Portugal - Barefoot Beach Camps
Barefoot Beach Camps is the specialist in beach volleyball trips from the Netherlands and Belgium. We organize beach volleyball vacations to different countries in Europe.
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Are you ready for some extra sun after the Dutch summer?

Book now through September 1 with 50 euros discount

Imagine for a moment...

That you are walking on a beautiful beach after a nice intense workout in which you got all kinds of new tips about your game. And where you plop down among the sunscreen bottles and beach volleyballs, together with a group of other beachers. After you've just taken a splash in the azure sea to cool off and you take a sip of that well-deserved cold drink....

That's exactly what Beach Camp Lagos is all about! Because you' ve earned it, because it's nowhere near winter time and because there's nothing better than immersing yourself in the ultimate beach life for a week !

Read all about this Beach Camp below

The program


We start the week Sunday evening on the roof terrace of the Bon Vivant. There we'll get you a delicious cocktail and open the week. The beach program runs from Monday to Friday. There are 5 training sessions of 2 hours in the morning. We train in small groups of max. 6 people. This gives you a lot of individual attention. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon we play tournaments in three different formats. On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons you are free to play games, explore Lagos or the surroundings, do some surfing, or maybe book an extra training.


Friday night we will conclude with the finals of the tournament at Linda the Beach Bar. Afterwards, there's a coaches' demo, we have dinner on the beach and then it's home to change. And then, into town!

The location


Lagos is a lively port town in Portugal. We play beach volleyball on Meia Praia beach, a beautiful wide beach 4 km long. Lagos is about an hour's drive from Faro and about a 3-hour drive from Lisbon. Besides the beaches, there are many nice restaurants and bars in Lagos. On a free evening, you can go out for a bite to eat or a drink. Everything is within walking distance! In short, a very nice combination of beach & city, ideal for an autumn trip!



You can arrange your own accommodation, or book Marina Club Lagos apartments through us on request.

What we arrange:
Beachcamp Lagos + possibly accommodation.


We provide that dive into the beach world! We'll give you five two-hour instructive morning training sessions, three tournaments with different formats and a top coach who can't wait to get to work to give you some new tips & tricks. The beachnets will be available for you to play on from October 14 - 22. In addition, we will of course provide some fun times with the group and you can always come to us if there is anything wrong. We will do our best to make your vacation as relaxing, fun, sporty and successful as possible!

Marina Club Lagos is a top location to book an apartment. The apartments are spacious and there are many facilities such as a gym, a nice pool and it is very central to the restaurants in the harbor. And it is also very affordable. There are double studios, and 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments.All the beds are hotel quality.

What you arrange yourself:
Your flight + possibly accommodation.


The only thing you have to organize yourself is your trip to Lagos. Flying is possible to Faro and to Lisbon. From Faro it is about another hour by car/transfer and from Lisbon it is about 3 hours.
There are daily flights from various Dutch airports to Faro/Lisbon but it often pays to check what tickets from Brussels cost. By car with a surf stop in France for example we also see more and more often!


You can book your accommodations through us on request, or you can pick your own. The training sessions are near Linda The Beachbar. You can choose to book something near there so you can sleep in as long as possible in the morning. Being right in City Center also has its advantages. You can roll right into bed after dinner. Whatever you like. Just check Google Maps before booking so that you know how far you are from the fields!

Ready to pack your bags?

By now, this cozy, small-scale beach camp has become a fixture for many people in the fall. We understand very well why. It is the ultimate vacation feeling, nice and sporty, but also really relaxing! Will we see you this year?


Book your Beach Camp Lagos now between Oct. 6 and 13 and you get:

  • A welcome cocktail
  • The Beach Camp Lagos t-shirt
  • Monday through Friday mornings 2 hours of training
  • 3x sumptuous lunch at Linda The Beachbar (Mon, Wed and Fri)
  • Playing three mutual tournaments
  • Beach courts to play freely on outside training hours
  • Expert & committed team of trainers and tour guides
  • One more week to fully enjoy the great beach life

 Beachcamp Lagos (incl. lunch) 349 euros


now until September 1 with 50 euros discount: 299, - euros 

Most Frequently Asked Questions

I prefer to arrange my lunch myself

No worries! You can. In that case, 49 euros will be deducted from your booking.

I am traveling alone, without a beach buddy, is that even possible?

Sure. This trip lends itself perhaps best of all our trips to coming alone. It's a small camp, where we hang out with each other a lot. There is dinner almost every night with the whole group, there are always a few people up for a dance, and within a day everyone knows each other so well that all sorts of outings are arranged among themselves. Beware though, there is a high risk of making friends for life!

I want to stay longer/shorter

Please contact us anytime, we are happy to think with you! We are quite flexible this camp; the premise is the more souls the more beach joy, so if it somewhat fits into the program you are always welcome to come for a few days. We also have plenty of tips to extend your trip!

What should I bring?

Actually, you don't need much! Some sportswear, swimwear, sunscreen, sunglasses, a few shirts for the evening, shorts, long pants, flip flops, sneakers, a game, your reading book (although we can't promise you'll get around to that), a water bottle and possibly a beach towel. That pretty much covers the load!

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