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Barefoot Beach Camps is the specialist in beach volleyball trips from the Netherlands and Belgium. We organize beach volleyball vacations to different countries in Europe.
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Sunny news from the beach! Tijmen Companjen and Mila Jonker have been running The Beach Volleyball School in Scheveningen for years. Now they are expanding their activities on the beach with a new company, Barefoot Beach Camps, which offers beach volleyball trips to perfection. Their love for our sport really shines through, which gets us very excited. And that enthusiasm is mutual, because Tijmen and Mila have signed up Barefoot Beach Camps as a Friend of the Volleyball Newspaper. Jonker: ,,We think it is important for (beach) volleyball that a place like Volleybalkrant continues to exist. There are wonderful things happening in our sport and there are fantastic people walking around....

"What the heart is full of.... Tijmen Companjen and Mila Jonker, the driving forces behind The Beach Volleyball School in and around The Hague/Scheveningen beach have made their passion their work. They love beach volleyball, relaxed beach life and traveling. And each other, by the way, as they have been a beach-volleyball couple for two years now. After celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Beach Volleyball School, they are now ready to present their newest baby: Barefoot Beach Camps. Through The Beach Volleyball School, they previously organized beach trips to sunny places. Now they are taking that a few steps further at once....

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